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This probably goes without saying, but JYP seriously knows what he’s doing. His first amuse-bouche, the Wonder Girls, has turned out to be a delicious five course meal, and now his new boy band protege, 2PM, is gunning for a hot new spot on the entree menu. 2PM encompasses not only vocal talent and sex appeal, but also a knack for both bboy acrobatics and aesthetics.

JYP Entertainment is also the home of a ballad/r&b group that goes by the name of 2AM: you guessed it, both 2AM and 2PM form a collective group called “One Day.” Naturally, most people might turn to the smoother beats and ballads of 2AM during starry-eyed twilight hours, but 2PM’s vibe is all about scorching pop and hip-hop; it’s one of the hottest times of day, of course.
In true JYP visionary form, both the boys of 2AM and 2PM have gone through rigorous bouts of auditioning and training. The final product is one part lunar gravitas and one part solar heat. Both boy bands were also featured on MNet in the documentary Hot Blood, which introduces audiences to all of the members and to their trials throughout the JYP screening and training process. What is so brilliant about the concept of One Day is that while there is a clear union between 2AM and 2PM, they are still very distinct entities. Like night and day, black and white, yin and yang, One Day gives listeners the best of both worlds.
2PM’s incendiary debut, aptly entitled Hottest Time of the Day, features the hit single “10 Points out of 10.” The music video seriously wastes no time in introducing the seven-member boy band: everybody gets individual screen time in the beginning, then they proceed to storm the stage with bouncing beats and plenty of moments worthy of fan girl screen caps. Even Wonder Girl Yoobin makes a sizzling cameo. This is only the beginning for 2PM, and they’re already carving out an enviable presence in the Asian pop industry. With a street-wise, edgy and borderline bad boy swagger, 2PM still manages to stay true to what fans love about boy bands: catchy tunes that make feet restless and an image that makes.

Introducing the boys of 2PM

Jang Woo Young.
Born: 1989.4.30
Education: Busan Geum Sung High School-3rd year
Foreign language(s): Chinese
Specialty: Dance
Fact: Mgoon Audition 1st place
Kim Jun Su.
Born: 1988.1.15
Education: KyungHee Cyber College
Foreign Language(s): Chinese, English
Specialty: Singing, Composing
Hobby: Everything to do w/ music
Fact: Weakness for anything music

Hwang Chan Sung.
Born: 1990.2.11
Education: Korean Art High School
Foreign Language(s): Chinese
Specialty: Dance
Fact: 2006 (Superstar Survival + Unstoppable High Kick)

Nich Khun.
Nationality: Thai/American/Chinese
Born: 1988.6.24 181cm/61kg
Foreign Language(s): Korean, Chinese, English and Thai
Specialty: Piano
Fact: 2006 (Superstar Survival + Drink CF in Thailand with Bi)

Ok Taek Yeon.
Born: 1988.12.27
Education: DanGook College Management Department
Foreign Language(s): Chinese and English
Specialty: Beat Box
Hobby: Movies
Fact: 2006 (Superstar Survival) + XTM (Best Contest I)

Lee Joon Ho.
Born: 1990.1.25
Education: SeWon High School
Foreign Language(s): Chinese
Specialty: Singing, Dance, Rap and Beat box
Fact: 2006 (Superstar Survival)

Park Jae Bum.
Born: 1987.4.25; in the United States
Foreign Language(s): English
Specialty: Rap and dance
Fact: JYP U.S. Audition Selection
Profile information courtesy of xwonderbangx

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